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If you are a messmate, shipmate, or Alt Kamerade, I salute you and your service.

You can navigate this site by the buttons on the bar to access intermediate pages. If a graphic (picture) has a title, it will take you to another page with poetry on it. All pages have the navigation buttons. All of the poetry on this site is in the public domain.

Military/War/Battle poetry ranges from the limerick to the epic. Like all poetry, there is a wide range of quality. The same is true of military art. Kilroy was here! is not the same as Mort Kunstler. When David gave leadership advice to his son, he meant it for an audience of one; God had other plans. When Homer wrote The Iliad, he wrote it for a much wider audience. This poetry is somewhere in the middle and is as intensely gripping, private, and personal as a firefight, a naval engagement, or aerial combat. If it doesn't arm your torpedo, drive on. It is not a sin or crime to be colorblind either.

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Here's hoping you are able to execute your current mission safely, heads-up, on-the-bounce, by-the-numbers, and brightly, brightly with great feeling.

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